June 18, 2023

Abdilla-Varga, Bagalay-Valera showdown to open BVR Candon men's quarterfinals



CANDON CITY — Harbor Pilot, bannered by Ranran Abdilla and Rancel Varga, braces for a tough battle against Dragon Pay Cagayan's Pemie Bagalay and Reiven Valera for a spot in men's semifinals in the Beach Volleyball Republic on Tour Candon City Sunday at Darapidap Beach here.

      Harbor Pilot and Dragon Pay have hurdled two matches in the 16-team modified pool play format Saturday to arrange an interesting quarterfinals duel.

      In other quarters matches, DLSU's Vince Maglinao and Andre Espejo play Milktea Network's Chye Tan and Alex Ramos, NU Juniors' Mark Mosico and John Dionela takes on Ateneo's Amil Pacinio and Jian Salarzon, and Perlas' AJ Pareja and Vincent Nadera goes up against NU's Pol Salvador and Alexander Iraya.

     The matches begin at 8 a.m.

      The survivors will be playing in the semifinals in the afternoon.  The Finals and the bronze medal matches will be played later in the day.


Men's Pool Play results:

Harbor Pilot d. Candon 1, 21-6

NU d. Narvacan, 21-0

Perlas d. Candon 2, 21-10

Dragon Pay Cagayan d. Candon 4, 21-4

DLSU d. FEU, 21-19

Ateneo d. Singapore, 21-11

NU Jrs d. Candon 3, 21-14

Milktea Network d. Sta. Cruz, 21-18

Candon 1 d. Narvacan, 21-0

Candon 4 d. Candon 2, 21-0

FEU d. Singapore, 23-21

Candon City 3 d. Sta. Cruz, 21-0

Harbor Pilot d. NU 21-16

Dragon Pay Cagayan d. Perlas, 21-14

DLSU d. Ateneo, 21-11

Milktea Network d. NU Jrs, 21-15

NU Jrs d. Candon City 1 21-17

Ateneo d. Candon City 4, 21-15

Perlas d. FEU, 21-15

NU d. Sta. Cruz, 21-18